Chris Reynolds EQUIP Pastor/Young Adults, Biblical Education, Hospitality

Chris grew up in a small town in central Virginia with three siblings, developing a deep love for nature and bike riding from an early age. His all-day bike rides among the towering trees of central Virginia became a cherished pastime. Exposure to the gospel at a local Baptist church led him to accept Christ during Sunday School, sparking a desire to serve others in the medical field. This desire also stemmed from his mother, Donna’s, terminal disease diagnosis, motivating Chris to help those facing similar challenges.

During his teen years, Chris traveled overseas, encountering deep spiritual needs globally. Recognizing the world’s spiritual brokenness, parallel to his mother’s physical ailment, he felt compelled to move towards full-time ministry. Chris earned his bachelor’s in Biblical Studies from Liberty University, a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), and is currently pursuing a PhD in Old Testament at DTS. After eight years in the Information Technology field at DTS, he joined the staff at Grace.

Since marrying his high school sweetheart, Stephanie Reynolds, in 2014, they’ve lived in the Dallas area, attending Grace since 2015. Both are actively involved in the Young Adults ministry. In his free time, Chris enjoys motorcycle rides, skydiving, Jiu-Jitsu, and indulging in high fantasy novels. Alongside Stephanie, he cares for their adorable dog, Amber.

Ultimately, Chris aspires to serve Grace Bible Church in a manner pleasing to his Lord.