Local Engagement hopes to share the love and truth of Jesus with people outside the walls of Grace Bible Church.

Grace helps people grow as disciples in three main ways: Equipping, Engaging, and Exalting. The primary purpose of local missions is to engage. We do this by volunteering in our neighborhood and nearby communities where our people meet tangible needs. We hope to love others in such a way that people ask, “Why?” leading to the opportunity to share Jesus.

If you have any questions or wish to engage in any of these ministries, please contact T.S. Weaver, Engage Pastor/Missions and Men.

  • The Local Missions Team
    • T.S. Weaver – Engage Pastor
    • Joe Foster

Mondays after school at FP Calliet Elementary School


B.L.A.S.T. (Believe, Learn, and Seek Truth) is a weekly outreach that provides 1st- 3rd-grade students at Caillet Elementary an opportunity to have a Jesus-centered experience. We are connecting kids to Christ and putting Bibles in their hands through groups, fun games, songs, and memory verses.

Involved for Life, Inc.

Their mission is to:
Educate and empower women to make informed, life-affirming decisions.

Serving around two thousand women and their families each year requires help from volunteers.  The roles of volunteers vary from helping with fundraising events to providing spiritual support, providing medical support, and mentoring moms who have chosen to parent.

Visit GetInvolvedForLife.com

Casa del Lago

Serving the Bachman Lake Community by showing the love of Jesus through an English language learning experience that also helps reach the Hispanic community of Caillet Elementary School.

They need adult English Language teachers and assistants (no Spanish needed) for their morning and evening classes.

Casa del Lago could also use reading partners for the After School reading program

Casa del Lago

Mercy Street

Become a mentor for elementary school-age kids in West Dallas, helping them with schoolwork and building a relationship with them.

Visit Mercy Street's Website

Tuesday evenings

Take Heart Family Ministry

Take Heart is a non-profit ministry dedicated to supporting and empowering teen parents in North Dallas. They walk alongside these young moms, their children, and the fathers with long-term, responsive, relationally-driven care and support.

They know the ultimate gift they can give is the gospel love of Jesus and that is our foundation.

Take Heart Family Ministry Website

South Dallas Outreach | Cornerstone

Join our team to serve at Cornerstone in South Dallas in an environment where they hear about God’s love for them.

  • Cornerstone Enrichment Program (after school and summer camp)
  • Clothing Closet and Shower facility
  • Community Kitchen
  • Shalom Builders of Texas
  • Southpoint Community Market
  • Community Laundromat
  • The White House/Community Event Center
  • Medical and Dental Clinic
  • Cornerstone Kids (CKids), a Saturday program for kids 4–12
  • Center for Economic Opportunity
Cornerstone Dallas Website

Additional Opportunities and Partners

FindHelp.org Find Help is a search engine that will help you connect people in need with programs that provide services such as food, job training, housing, and medical care. Grace does not endorse every result on the search engine, but there are many programs that do agree with our beliefs and will help others in need.