June 8, 2020

Devotionals & Updates June 8-19

Every week day, we will be posting devotionals and updates. We hope you continue to feel connected to the Grace church body in this time and find encouragement in the words of our staff and leaders.

June 8: Matt McBride

June 9: Rachael Gutknecht

June 10 Devotional

June 11: Lucas Rogers

June 15: Cam Grysen

June 16

Over the next few weeks as we prepare for the regathering date of June 28, we’re asking you to spend some time in prayer rather than sharing a devotional. Today we are focusing on Proverbs 16.9.
The Lord establishes our steps.
Praise the Lord that it’s not up to us to figure it out on our own. Pray that we would listen and follow well as we plan our course and take steps to safely gather together.

June 17

June 18
As we prepare for reopening, let’s continue praying.
Pray that the Lord would be glorified. That it wouldn’t be about Grace’s name, but that the Lord would be lifted high.

June 19: Rachel Marcello