April 12, 2018

C.S. Lewis and Colson Fellows Programs

The C.S. Lewis Fellows Program and the Colson Fellows Program are two opportunities to learn and go deeper in your faith. We encourage anyone in our church body to consider applying for either of these programs.

The Colson Fellows Program is a powerful nine-month entreprenurial discipleship training program for Christian worldview in action that provides spiritual transformation, clear vision, practical skills, and a powerful network.  The vision is developed and you will begin to execute a tangible plan for pursuing Christian worldview that taps into the unique skills God has given you and the place He’s put you.

The program options include both national and regional offerings. Participants in both programs read the best books on worldview, cultural analysis, and spiritual growth. Bi-monthly webinars with the authors and other Christian leaders provide a deeper dive into current issues. Daily devotional material and Breakpoint commentaries provide additional support. Join like-minded men and women who share your passion and training, who can challenge and support one another in their pursuit of God’s call. The 2018-2019 class begins in August. Apply online.

The C.S. Lewis Institute is devoted to developing disciples who can articulate, defend and live faith in Christ in public and personal life. The Fellows program is a year-long intensive mentoring/discipleship program that focuses on spiritual and theological growth. It begins with an orientation in May, one meeting in June followed by summer readings, and a retreat in September. There are monthly meetings the first Saturday morning of each month.

The Fellows Program’s unique approach to discipleship focuses on the integration of heart and mind in a small group context and is designed to dramatically alter the trajectory of spiritual growth in order to help Fellows become more like Jesus Christ. A combination of focused Bible study, dynamic teachers, classic writers, experienced mentors, effective discipleship groups and active response to the Word and the Spirit helps believers mature in their ability to articulate, defend, share and joyfully live out their faith in public and personal life. If you are interested in being a part of the Fellows program, apply online. For more information, contact Fred Durham.