Grace Bible Church was founded on March 24, 1954 as a church focused on studying the Bible, teaching its truth and sending missionaries to spread the gospel.

Who is Grace?

We are a group of Christians worshipping and serving together who seek to live with a radical commitment to two essentials of the Christian gospel: truth & grace.

Truth is absolute and knowable. And although we may disagree on some issues, the existence of truth requires a humble, yet relentless pursuit of it, even when it is uncomfortable. We believe that the Bible, rightly interpreted, is without error. We also believe that truth, whatever the source, is by definition true, and is worthy of our pursuit. Of course, the most uncomfortable truths are those about ourselves, namely our need for redemption.

Grace is that essential aspect of God’s character that makes absolute truth bearable. While truth can be harsh, grace is God’s gift of acceptance in light of Jesus’ death and resurrection. A life without grace is crushing, since truth can evoke shame and judgment. But we seek to have the courage to seek truth and the love to extend grace.

Our example for the merging grace and truth is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The truth is that we are broken and incapable of living up to even our own standards. In other words, we do the things for which we condemn each other. And while God is unable to endorse or accept our brokenness, He has chosen to provide forgiveness and restoration through Jesus’ death on the cross. Truth is not compromised, but grace brings a new life.


Other characteristics of our church include:

Our architecture: Our worship space was designed to emphasize natural light, beauty, and community, using windows, wood, and pews. The ceiling height and movement upwards emphasize our focus on God, and not ourselves.

Our worship styles: We worship with different styles (traditional and contemporary) because both moods are reflected in Scripture: reverence and celebration. Times and tastes may change, but the object of our worship has not.

Our worship elements: Our music and style vary between services, but certain elements are common, because they are historical and biblical. In all our services prayer and Scripture reading are present, in addition to the preaching of the Word. The offering is taken as part of our worship, but it is not intended to pressure anyone, especially those who have not yet trusted Jesus as Savior. The Lord’s table is open to all believers.

Our teaching emphasis: Grace is blessed with a remarkable teaching ministry through its Adult Bible Classes. The ABC teachers provide opportunities to study the truth of Scripture with friends each Sunday morning. Classes are offered during all three hours so that many newcomers start meeting others in these classes.

Our fellowship options: We offer small groups for mutual encouragement and accountability. But we also provide other opportunities for fellowship throughout the church’s programs. Whether the focus is instruction (ABC’s or Women of Grace) or service (outreach, Grace kids, or greeting ministries), there are many ways to get involved.

Our “open hand”: The body of Christ is much greater than any single congregation, so we seek to join the Lord’s work outside our own programs. Our people serve other Christian organizations, and we often help fund other works besides our own. Our buildings are open to other ministries throughout the week, and we support many things that don’t directly advance our congregational growth. We seek to promote Jesus, not ourselves.

Our diversity: Our hope is to build a community that transcends our differences through our common Savior. We value ethnic diversity in our congregation and staff, and our diversity extends beyond those characteristics alone. We serve multiple generations, differing socio-economic groups, and differing political views. The diversity allows us to learn from each other and experience grace.

Our missions and outreach: Throughout our history, Grace has demonstrated a deep commitment to God’s work in the world around us. Our budget, our energies, and our focus reflect our desire to join the Spirit’s work in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and around the world. In fact, many of our supported ministries have come through Grace.